About Us

Wealth on Wellness is an innovative hybrid business model that takes this business into the fast-growing digital era (020 or Offline-to-Online). Having adopted this model, Wealth on Wellness is the first virtual STARTUP platform with a global system and supporting partners.


Metabolic health issues continue to be the root of the World's top causes of death which are non-communicable diseases (NCDS) such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The core undercurrent of this global health crisis are poor lifestyle factors that plague the World's entire population. Nevertheless, existing solutions mostly focus on symptomatic treatment, without a proven protocol to reverse the root cause, which is metabolic health. Moreover, not only NCDS, but communicable diseases (CDs) becoming an epidemic or even a pandemic is also a huge issue. A massive number of deaths, which cause people to get paranoid, and creating a new normal behavior of social distancing and change the way people work..


Reverse the cause, resolve the problem. Wealth on Wellness owns the key to the only Clinically-proven Metabolic Wellness Program - "PRO-WELLNESS". With over 100,000 cases of poor lifestyle reversal, PRO-WELLNESS İs the solution to the world's biggest global health issues.